Frequently Asked Questions

When will my order be shipped?

All orders will be posted within 4 business days.

What if my item/s get lost in the post?

If your parcel is lost in transit: Please contact us within 30 days of the parcel being sent. If our couriers have lost your parcel, we will happily re send the item/s or offer a refund.

If the postal service shows that your parcel was delivered to you, but you claim you have not received it, we are unable to refund or re send. We will provide you with details for the delivery company so that you can make an enquiry with them directly.

Do you ship worldwide?

Unfortunately not at this stage – we currently only ship within Australia.

Do you accept returns & refunds?

Please contact for all faults or damaged items, along with your order number and photos of the faulty/damaged item/s to be returned/exchanged/refunded.

Everly After reserves the right to decline a return or refund on a case to case basis, but we will do our best to help you.
No returns or refunds will be given for change of mind.

How can I get the most from my candles?

  1. Remove candle from packaging before burning.
  2. Keep away from children, animals & drafts.
  3. Place candle on flat, level, heat resistant surface.
  4. For candles with multiple wicks, light them all at the same time.
  5. Never leave burning candles unattended or near flammable objects.
  6. Burn until melted wax reaches rim of glass or close to (for glass/jar candles)
  7. Taper candles are not drip less and must be placed in an appropriate taper candle holder.
  8. Do not touch any part of the candle when lit.
  9. Extinguishing candles –
    1. Jar/glass – when wax reaches half a centimetre from the bottom. 
    2. Jar/glass – Please ensure the candle is fully extinguished before replacing its lid
    3. All candles – Do not blow out or extinguish with water; use an appropriate candle snuffer/wick dipper.
  10. Center wicks after each burn with a wick dipper.
  11. Ensure wax has cooled & hardened before re lighting or moving.
  12. Keep wicks trimmed ~ no longer than half a centimetre.
  13. Keep wax free from foreign objects & wick trimmings.
  14. Store candles out of sunlight, in a dry cool area, below 25 degrees.
  15. Do not allow water/moisture to mix with the wax.
  16. Burn candles at own risk. Failure to follow instructions could lead to fire, injury or death.

How do I care for my crystals?

Your crystals have been washed, cleansed & charged so you can be assured that you’re receiving crystals with pure, positive energy.

Washing your crystals

Your crystals have been washed, but if you feel the need to wash them at any time, you can do so by rinsing them under cold water for a couple of minutes & pat dry.

* Not all crystals can be placed in water, so please check that your crystals will be safe in water first.

Cleansing Your Crystals

Once a month it’s a good idea to cleanse your crystals with White Sage or Palo Santo. Light your sage or holy wood, let the flame burn for a few seconds, then blow out the flame. Let the smoke flow over your crystals to remove any negative energies… a few seconds for each crystal is enough.

Setting your intentions

To set your intentions and connect your stones to yourself, simply sit down & when you’re feeling relaxed, hold your crystals in your hands & focus on what you want them to do.. i.e. to help calm your mind, or to help with your menstrual cycles etc. Focus on this for a few minutes while holding your crystals. Your intentions are now set & your crystals are now connected to you & know what energy they need to provide.

You can sleep with your crystals in your pillowcase, or carry them in your pocket during the day.

It’s best not to let any other person touch your programmed crystals as they may transfer their energies to your crystals. If this happens, cleanse your crystals.

Charging your crystals

It’s a great idea to charge your crystals under a full moon each month. The full moon’s energy is great at charging your crystals energies. Place them outside under the moon light if it’s not raining or windy, or you can place them on a window ledge inside your home for the night.

Bring them in before noon as too much sunlight can cause some crystals to fade.

Skin care products

Are your skin care products safe for sensitive skin? Yes, all our skin care is suitable for all skin types.

Are your skin care products safe during pregnancy? Whilst we use organic and natural ingredients, its advisable to check with your doctor.

Do your skin care products contain preservatives or synthetics? No, we only use organic and natural products.

Are your products tested on animals or contain animal products? No, we only test on humans and there are no animal products in our products.