Palo Santo – 3 Sticks


Also known as ‘Holy Wood’, this sweet smelling wood is used for cleansing, smudging and removing negative and unwanted energies and spirits, while purifying the air.

See ‘Description’ below for more info on using Palo Santo.

*Purchasing this bundle will save you $1.50
*Price is for 3 sticks. The shape of your Palo Santo sticks may vary from piece to piece.


Only wood that had naturally fallen from the Palo Santo tree is used, therefore the trees are not harmed.

The Palo Santo wood is believed to bring many benefits including healing and spiritual properties.
It is a plant that is native to South America and has a long history of use by native people for healing and ceremonial purposes.

The wood can be burnt as incense and is commonly used for smudging/cleansing.

Healing Benefits:
Used for common cold and flu, asthma, allergies and headaches.
Great for relieving symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression.
it can be very beneficial as it provides uplifting thoughts and feelings.
Palo Santo has anti inflammatory and anti bacterial properties.

Spiritual Benefits:
Palo Santo is highly regarded for ceremonial and spiritual uses, vibrational work and clearing negative energies and unwanted spirits, with properties similar to Sage.
The wood has a beautiful sweet and woodsy aroma when burnt and creates a pleasant, fresh smelling smoke with hints of mint and citrus.

Also acts as an effective insect repellent.

Cleansing Yourself
This can be done before/after meditating, when you’re feeling down or stressed, or just to create a sense of calm.
Light your stick (this make take around 30 seconds, depending on thickness of the wood) and once lit for a few seconds, gently blow out the flame.
Breathe in a little of the smoke and focus on yourself and your body.
Starting at the top of your body, above your head, move the smoke around and downward in a swirling motion, all the way down to your feet. Get to the back of your body as best you can and work your way up again.
This helps to cleanse your aura of any bad juju you may have experienced.
If you feel drawn to chant an affirmation, you may wish to do this also.

Home Cleansing
Open the front door and all drawers and cupboards, making sure all windows and other external doors remain closed.
Light your Palo Santo stick and blow the flame out after a few seconds. Place an abalone shell or other heat resistant dish under your Palo Santo stick to catch any embers or ash.
Start your cleansing from the front of the house, working in a clockwise motion in every room.
Be sure to work the smoke in every room, every cupboard, every drawer, in a clockwise motion.
Focus on good thoughts and let any negativity know they are no longer welcome and must leave and never return.
Concentrate on these thoughts through every room.
You may also call upon Archangel Michael for help.
Once finished and you’ve returned to the front of your house, smudge the front door and door way, the step outside, turn around and cleanse the outside of the doorway, then pass the smoke up, down and around your yourself.
Let the negative energies know that this is the only entry to the house and they are not welcome to enter.
For extra protection, place black tourmaline and selenite in the 4 outer corners of the house, or 2 on either side of the front door.
You may wish to sprinkle salt outside your home to act as a barrier to prevent negative energies coming through.
Then open your windows and allow fresh air to fill your home.

To extinguish your Holy Wood, simply place under gentle running water, or snuff it in some sand.
Your Palo Santo stick can be re used time and time again.

Additional information

Weight .090 kg
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 4 cm


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